Critical Race Theory


Critical Race theory is a highly controversial topic worthy of debate, but I believe that debate should not play out in K-12 public schools.  If it were to be discussed at all, it would only be appropriate in upper level high school civics or history classes in the context of teaching about a progressive movement in America. Instead it is being embedded into the very fabric of school culture. Each person is entitled to his/her own opinion, but they are not entitled to impose their beliefs on others, least of all by teachers from their position of power in the classroom onto vulnerable students who are a captive audience. 

I have provided 2 links for you to read more about this topic and form your own opinion, but I think you can agree that this falls outside the purview of public K-12 education, as it is a self-admitted activist movement rather than an academic discipline.

The first link is the introduction to the book Critical Race Theory: An Introduction by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic. Mr. Delgado is one of the leading figures in the CRT movement.

The second link is an article written by Christopher Rufo in which he gives his explanation of CRT and argues against including it in public schools.

Is CRT Being Taught in K-12 Public Schools?

This question is discussed by Raymond Burns, an Australian high-school teacher. He is also an education writer who has published articles about Critical Theory, the Australian curriculum and the wellbeing fad in education.

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